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Graphite electrode instructions
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Electrode Instructions

Graphite electrode transport


Graphite electrode should be covered with rainproof cloth during long distance transportation.
2, with lifting machinery unloading wooden box packaging electrode, you must use the wire rope, not directly touch the electrode steel packaging belt for hanging unloading.
3, for the protection of the electrode surface and the thread, not directly with the hook hook electrode hole Diaoyun electrode.
4, loading and unloading joints, boxes should be handled with care, in case of damage to the thread.


Graphite electrode storage


1, the electrode should be stored in a clean, dry place; temporarily do not use the electrode and connector, do not remove the packaging, to prevent dust, debris onto the thread or electrode hole, affecting the accuracy of product docking.
The electrodes 2, open space piled up, must use the rainproof cover peng.
3, the electrode storage in the warehouse should be placed neatly, the two sides of the electrode pad should be good to pad.
4, the bulk electrode stacking height usually not more than 2.8 meters, box electrode height should not exceed 4 layers.
5, the storage site temperature should not be too high, in case the asphalt joint plug melting.


Connection operation of graphite electrode


1, wet electrode, use before drying.
2. Remove the foam protection cap on the spare electrode hole and check the integrity of the thread inside the electrode hole.
3, compressed air oil and water cleaning standby electrode surface and the internal threads of the hole; avoid using steel wire group or metal brush cleaning cloth.
4. Carefully turn the connector into one of the electrodes in the spare electrode (not recommended to be mounted directly on the furnace to replace the electrode) and shall not impact the thread.
5. The electrode sling (graphite spreader is recommended) is screwed into the electrode hole at the other end of the standby electrode.
6, lifting the electrode, the electrode to the standby pad fluffer joint end, to prevent the ground damage joints; rings with a hook into the spreader after lifting, lifting the electrode to smooth, prevent the electrode from B and other loose or fixed device collision.
7, the electrode to be connected to standby hanging above the electrode, electrode alignment hole slowly after falling; rotating standby electrode, the spiral hook electrode together with rotation in two decline; the electrode surface is 10-20mm, again with the compressed air cleaning electrode two and exposed part of the joint end; at last completely decentralized electrode. Not too hard, otherwise because of violent collision, will cause the thread electrode hole and joint damage.
8. Use the torque wrench to reserve the electrode until the ends of the two electrodes are in close contact (the gap between the electrode and the joint is less than 0.05mm).


Precautions for graphite electrode in use


1 the electrode holder should be clamped outside the warning line of the top electrode, otherwise it will cause the electrode to break. The contact surfaces of the holder and the electrode shall be cleaned regularly to keep in good contact with the electrode and the jacket shall be protected against leakage.
2, the electrode joint found cracks exist, must find out the reason, eliminate the connection gap can be used.
3. In connection electrode, it is found that when the joint bolt falls off, the joint bolt should be filled and then connected.
4, the electrode should be used vertically, avoid tilting operation, especially not to connect a set of electrodes horizontally, so as not to break.
5, to charge into the furnace, should be installed near the furnace bottom at the bulk material, in order to reduce the burden of the large collapse impact electrode.
6, when smelting, should avoid insulation block a large number of piles in the electrode just below, so as not to affect the electrode use, and even the electrode broken.
7, the electrode in the rise or fall, should avoid rubbing the furnace cover, resulting in electrode damage.
8, in the smelting site, to avoid steel slag splash to the site of the electrode or joint of the thread buckle, damage thread precision.

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