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Nanjing Su-sino adhere to the“proactive,persistent pursuit”concept,the implementation of”people-orientsd,integrity harmonious”strategy. Continuously strengthen management and team building,to achieving the common progress and development of enterprises and employees.

The core concept of the enterprise: is conducive to the government, conducive to the enterprise, conducive to the customer, conducive to the employees.

The management concept of the enterprise: strong Internal quality, outward image, Ruling enterprises according to law, honesty first.

The marketing concept of the enterprise:God pay ground ,Market-oriented, Carefully Serve Cooperative Customers, Actively Develop New Customers.

The quality concept of the enterprise: Supply high-quality products, and continuously enhance customer satisfaction

Our company provides superior working environment and broad development space for every employee, gives full play to each person's advantages, and mobilizes their enthusiasm, for the common development of the company and employees cohesive power, create brilliance.

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